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Edx Course Creator

Course creation based on the Harvard & MIT platform

Web Design

Creating professional and personal websites


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Accessibility services for people with disabilities and / or special needs

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Video recording, editing, and subtitling in a variety of languages ​​including sign language


Parent training for children with disabilities and / or special educational needs


Trade in Computer Software (Software, Web Applications)


Braille catalogue pricing and printing


Workplace Inclusion 4.0

Workplace integration means creating a workplace culture that boosts respect, encourages integration, promotes diversity and embraces the unique skills and qualities of all employees in a company. Workplace integration involves many positive aspects of life.
Workplace Inclusion

Bilingual Grammar Curriculum: ASL Sentence Components

How many times have we seen Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students graduate high school with English literacy proficiencies well below grade level? For over 30+ years we have struggled to find a system of instruction that works and, unfortunately, outcomes have not changed. This Curriculum rethinks everything we have been doing and offers a new, comprehensive way to address grammar instruction.


As a result of our work, we expect to adequately train Deaf adults to be role models for both Deaf and hearing people. This education will empower Deaf and hearing people to live happy and productive lives and set standards for others to follow in our countries, the EU and the world.Since the lead organization is the Greek Federation of Deaf People and the partners from Bulgaria and Malta are National Associations representing the interests of their respective Deaf communities, the potential long-term benefits are in their "hands" and we all believe that the benefits will be long-lasting.

Educational TV

Educational TV offers films that can be used by teachers to enrich their teaching with audiovisual material and to stimulate the interest of their students. In order to make it easier for teachers to access the material on Educational Television, we have collected here the films that deal with disability issues and described them briefly.

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