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Accessibility services for people with disabilities and / or special needs

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Video recording, editing, and subtitling in a variety of languages ​​including sign language


Parent training for children with disabilities and / or special educational needs


Trade in Computer Software (Software, Web Applications)


Κοστολόγηση και εκτύπωση καταλόγων Μπράιγ


Workplace Inclusion 4.0

Workplace integration means creating a workplace culture that boosts respect, encourages integration, promotes diversity and embraces the unique skills and qualities of all employees in a company. Workplace integration involves many positive aspects of life.
Workplace Inclusion

Bilingual Grammar Curriculum: ASL Sentence Components

How many times have we seen Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students graduate high school with English literacy proficiencies well below grade level? For over 30+ years we have struggled to find a system of instruction that works and, unfortunately, outcomes have not changed. This Curriculum rethinks everything we have been doing and offers a new, comprehensive way to address grammar instruction.

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